BK…More Than Just Real Estate

There is something very enticing about the youthful energy and vibrancy here in Calgary. Whether you are young or old, born and raised near or far, an entrepreneur or employee, there is an intensity and urban vitality that is impossible to miss. It’s that energy and cultural competitive spirit that drives our city and takes it to new levels year after year. This is the energy that drives the BK Brand and what it hopes to represent to its supporters.

Look around you…

The culinary and restaurant scene has never been as diverse and electric as it is today. Walk down Stephen Ave or 17th Ave on a Friday or Saturday and there is something special – a buzz in the air. Fitness & athletics have now become an everyday lifestyle; with a new studio (yoga, barre, spin, boxing) popping up weekly, there is an increased motivation being a part of a similar minded, active group. Local markets and pop-up shops for the most innovative artists & retailers are more common and popular now compared to big box stores. There is a real pride in offering locally made products and a train of supporters for those manufacturers and retailers that continue to grow.

There is a mandate through the BK Brand to be a part of the city through these community initiatives. As the city grows and changes, there is much to be inspired and grateful for here. Community togetherness, festivals, charity events, and pure volunteerism continue to rise each week. Whether it’s a food truck festival in the East Village, a retail market at the Chinese Cultural Centre, a charity hockey tournament at Winsport, or simply a group of like-minded road bikers that meet and go riding every week. It just doesn’t matter. It’s contagious and it’s a culture that the BK Brand supports and represents.

As a symbol of this culture, a couple years ago the brand designed some hats and started sharing them with clients, friends, family, and supporters in Calgary and quite a few cities around Canada. Continuously I’ve asked the supporters wearing these hats to take pictures when they wear them (wherever that might be) and share or post the pictures on social media. It’s amazing to see all the locations, events, and day to day places these hats have been to. This is the culture we want to be apart of. This is the BK Brand.

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