Why BK?

I am proud to call Calgary my home. I was born and raised in this beautiful city and I’m as local as they come. With over 30 YEARS of Family experience within the Calgary Real Estate industry, I have seen a lifetime of Real Estate business first hand.

Hard work and dedication are my core values and what drives me to work with you to achieve your Real Estate goals. As an ex-professional hockey player, Team Canada alumni, local business owner, and serial entrepreneur, I have the experience, knowledge and characteristics to achieve success.

I’m passionate about this business and I think that’s an important driving force to any business owners success over time. The natural interest and attraction gets me up early and keeps me up at night, but I love it and I love what I get to do and the people I get to work with day in and day out.

With a calm, approachable personality, I’d be honoured to have an opportunity to work with you.